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SubPicoCAT - Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

You surely heard of on-line attacks against our home or business networks, that cause damages and headaches by stealing data, or losses beyond repair, ilke goodwill and credibility.

SubPicoCAT protects your systems against:

Trojan attacks, Vírusok, Spy-/Malware, Botnets, Spam e-mail, Ransomware,
DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack), Crypto/Data Mining támadások, Bad IP Rep, Zero-day, XSS (cross site scripting), Phishing, DNS Hijacking, and Website/Service Spoofing
, client- and server side attacks, bankcard- and data thefts.

Test your network for free >>

SubPicoCAT is an AI/ML enhanced self-learning defense system, that demolishes all such burdens, in a way that even enhances Internet access speed. As a completely transparent system, it puts no overload on your network, unlike other tools, and due to its proprietary dynamic algorithm it does not only lag behind perpetrators, it will enhance with them.


You have merely but one task: plug in SubPicoCAT box between your existing Internet Service Provider and your network (between router/wall), and  done. No installation or compatibility issues. It just works, period!

You will be able to use the national security grade cyber protection technology in your home/office. Serious technology for serious companies.

SubPicoCAT Hun

Plug and Play * Bi-directional * Passive * Transparent * Fast * AI/ML * Patented


Transparent Internet protection

Our device cannot be accessed from outside or inside, it is completely invisible, hence impenetrable. SubPicoCAT can detect any form of attack and block them both from outside (DoS, virus, spam etc.) and inside-out (phishing, ransomware, etc.). It does not only protect your computers but your connected devices (fridge, mobile units...). SubPicoCAT works with your home network, your office network or even national level ISP network hubs.

Real-time machine learning (AI, ML, heuristics)

It is not enough if a system can protect you from 'yesterday's harms'. SubPicoCAT's proprietary algorithm analyses the traffic on your specific site and adapts. It's experiences and fresh data from international threat fingerprint databases will create a live defense around your company. It cannot get outdated, SubPicoCAT is always one step ahead of attackers.

Protect all open ports (RAS, NAS, PoS, IoT, IIoT)

Your business may need you to leave open ports in your system (like data access for medical services or remote office). In other cases, you may want to access multiple ISP's for service security is mission critical for you. SubPicoCAT offers 360 protection and can balance multiple-ISP bandwidth on service quality drops. We designed it for the worst cases! Geo redundancy (GR), high availability systems (HA), disaster recovery (DR) solution in one box.

No way in or out: phishing, DoS, ransom-ware, spam, virus, trojan, bots, rootkit...

CAT IT/OT 4.0 IIoT Cyber Security Service (CSS): by mating machine learning and passive security in one box, neither can incoming attacks get through nor can already infected computers on your network broadcast out. A cleaner network provides faster Internet access, higher up- and download rates, secure access among your sites. Not only for desktop computers and servers! Bank card PoS, mobile access networks, remote desktop connections, maybe your game consoles are all connecting to the Internet and had no real protection so far. SubPicoCAT delivers on these issues all the same, you only have to plug it in.

Real-time system TCP/IP mapping

SubPicoCAT can make a real-time map of your network with no system overoad (TCP end-point mapping) and analyse their traffic balance. You can follow it in a consol application. Gathered data can help you identify problems on the network before they cause you damage and extra costs.

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How is SubPicoCAT different from everything else?

A live log of CAT protecting a VPN link:


Test your own systems!

SubPicoCAT can do 100%...


SubPicoCAT have been openly tested on CTF "no-rules" hacker conferences in a break-in competition. No hacker from around the world got through...

If you test your own systems, you will be the first to know about your vulnerabilities and not the thieves. If you use SubPicoCAT, nobody will ever be able to know more. :-)

ATTENTION: turn on at least Windows Defender before testing!!

Intrusion testing websites:

On-line security risk assessment (MS Edge only, allow site access)



Network Penetration Test - tools


Hacker Tools Top Ten URL - Concise



What is the price of perimeter security?



Contact our service desk in e-mail or call us!


USD 249 / month + VAT

Monthly rental

Home or small company, pay as you go, with minimum 6 months of rental, manual and installation instructions included. Ownership transfer after 14 months.


USD 2.789 + VAT

Purchase box

Purchase your own box, one for each ISP connection, no other costs occur. Software updates included. Home or small company edition.

Call Center

+ USD 249 / month + VAT

24/7 help-desk

Should you need a on-line assistance service, we provide one for a subscription with 8 hours of service access.


USD 6.499-8.499 + VAT

Server room / infrastructure

6/8/24/48 port, 1/10/40/100 GbE, 1U or 2U size for racks. Fail-over, fail-back, multi-protocol CAT devices. Works for ISP Tier 1 - Tier 3.

Third party on-line information sources:

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) List.


Reference Global Threat Databases and Intelligence Sources:






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