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Although the new book has just been released, there are upcoming and ongoing projects on the horizon, both book and other fun stuff....let me know if you are interested and join me if you can!

Upcoming Projects

A fantasy story that breaks the rules. Protagonists come and go, history is seen from the solitary view of an enchanted sword and the soul in it. A story on how minutesmall people and their destiny move intertwined towards a climax that surprises even the author...if you know what I mean... :-)

Planned release: 2013

Santa Speedo Run - Europe: Let's make it big and international! In 2000, Jon Ianelli and friends ran out into the Boston snow in speedos. They wanted to spread the good spirit and help those in need. Ever since, volunteers took the word to dozens of cities. I launched Mikulás Kocogás (Hungarian for Santa Speedo Run), a charity jogging event and got to 2-3 other cities too. My goal is to have 20 cities with 1000+ runners in the 'franchise' on our side (mainly European cities). Should you feel the spirit in you to become Head (naked) Santa, shoot me an e-mail for the franchise book.


Save the children from death from malnutrition. My goal is to raise money to save 1000 children in need. About 5.000.000 of children under the age of 5 die from starvation in developing countries. They do not only need food. They need knowledge to survive and thrive. With 1 USD a day, we can join and save them every day with the help of Nourish the Children Foundation. If you can save that 1 USD, donate it with us and virtually adopt one or two children in places like Thailand, Kambodia, Malawi and such. All you need is a reliable, Stevie's Award winning programm that makes sure your money gets there and does the miracle. They die without us! One every 6 seconds! You and I can stop it! Send me a mail....


“As a marketing college professor, I was asked to testify as an expert on an mlm fraud case. When I tried to find written literature on the methodology to differentiate between ponzi schemes and legal businesses, I found none. This book fills a gaping demand in the business.”

Prof. A. B., Károlyi University, Budapest, Hungary

“As a friend, we have talked for long hours with the author about the subject. I remained distant from network marketing ever since. After reading the book, my view did not change, my understanding did. The greatness of the book is that it only opens up the doors and does not want to force anything on the reader, a real compass to network marketing...”

Gábor Szabados, former President of the Hungarian National Mining Authority

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