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Details about the book:

Why is this so revolutionary?

In the past decade most of us were offered either products, services or business opportunities from network marketing companies. Most of them were scams, some of them were just bad offers, while others were creating value and made sure that products and information had the chance to get to you. These ones were honorable offers.


One thing is for certain: the next few decades will bring more and more offers to your doorstep. More and more companies will realize that there is an immense power in networking and network marketing. However, there will be a lot of them that will exploit the stupidity of ordinary people.


This will cost them dearly in money, credibility and in personal relation-ships. I believe most of these people would happily avoid that and they would love to help others to save their resources in the fight. Who does not have a friend, a family member or a close acquaintance who could play the bait in such ill fated schemes without help?


Should everyone understand that all of the offers on the market are working by the co-operation of well defined business logics and human values, they all were able to say NO to frauds and thieves. Say NO, like you do in a shop when they miscalculated your bill. It would be straight-forward, everyone would understand it...


These rules of the trade are the same for 60 years now! You can only change one side of the game! Equip yourself with a heavy armor of knowledge and keep yourself from becoming the target.


This book is unique because it's only purpose is to make you become able to decide on your own based on a factual knowledge. This is the reason that the content will be a basis of education in universities from the fall semester of 2013. First in Hungary, later around the world!


Read it and give a copy to all those whom you want to help! All copy read will save money stolen other-wise!

Universities that listed H2MLM in Marketing curriculum:


This book will save you at least 10.000 USD! Read it!




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I recommend this book to all who are interested in the secret works of the MLM companies and want to learn what kind of opportunities they are able to find in them for themselves. It shows what networking is no matter which product of trade it represents. It really fills a gap, because it explains plainly with examples and scientific background why things happen as they do.


dr. Tünde Novák

attorney, economist

This is a compass to the world of MLM. If you start reading the book, I suggest that you first read the questions in front of each chapter. Then, you should jot down your first answers, read the chapter all through and write down your new answers. The difference will show you the value of the book. I believe you will see a significant gap. This will explain more than any recommendation ever could


dr. András Novák

attorney, economist

I first thought network marketing is double Dutch to me, because my area of expertise is personality development. This book made me see that those areas are not that much far apart: goal setting, communication, points of view, trust, ability develepment. What is this if not personality development? It was great pleasure for me to see my field so deeply interwoven in a business book. The ecologics that NLP promotes reflected well on the pages: always aim for the causality behind. Networking and personality development in one book? It is a smash!


Tibor Szűcs

Master of NLP,


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