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Media Kit 

The Media Kit's goal is to inform professionals about the content and marketing info of the book.






Pages: 182

Languages: English, Hungarian

Size: A/5


   Printed: ISBN 978-963-08-7197-6

   iPad: ISBN 978-963-08-7198-3

   Amazon pdf: ISBN 978-963-08-7199-0

   Kindle: ISBN 978-963-08-7200-3

Cover: color

Inside: black and white

Table of contents


8 steps of perfect cut
Entrepreneurship, sales, networks
1) What is my goals and those of my partners?
2) How can I recognise pilot schemes?
3) Is it only valuable to me or to others too?
4) Do we die after the honeymoon?
5) Devils or angels?
6) How far can I develop? How far must I?
7) Whom do I trust my name with?
8) Who deserves a better quality of life?
    Personal challenge to the readers!
Summary: MLM shopping list

CV of the author
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Why is this book so unique?

Every single book on network marketing is usually dealing with personality development, market trends, fate and the need for everyone to take the reigns of their lives finally. They are all impor-tant!

For most of us this change can easily happen in the world of network marketing. People recognise it all right on both sides. Mobs are swarming towards the light and thousands of companies offer some sort of consolation.

Problem is that most of the offers are fundamentally bad: in a better case it is only the business background that is incapable of delivering, in a worse case the intentions of the business is illegal.

Packaging is always nice and shiny: "this is the utterly most very best ever". One still has a better chance with a revolving gun and one bullet than starting business with any of those companies, and create something honest and lasting.

This book has been written through the eyes of an economist aiming at helping ordinary people to learn how to tell right from wrong in the realms of the offers. They learn to avoid shame, financial losses and lost friendships on account of others being mischievous and fraudulent.

8 simple steps and the Snapshot Method (tm) to solve your problem!



'It is no shame to fail, until you learn from it and stand up again after the fall. However, if you call people with a different 'business offer' every single month, now that is a real problem.

This book is your pair of glasses. Those who want to get involved in network marketing can finally get clairvoyance too! A useful reading for those who do not want to disgrace their own names with useless offers.'

Péter Weigert

Persons of Success – Series Ltd. owner and manager



I first thought network marketing is double Dutch to me, because my area of expertise is personality development. This book made me see that those areas are not that much far apart: goal setting, communication, points of view, trust, ability develepment. What is this if not personality development? It was great pleasure for me to see my field so deeply interwoven in a business book. The ecologics that NLP promotes reflected well on the pages: always aim for the causality behind. Networking and personality development in one book? It is a smash!


Tibor Szűcs

Master of NLP, Everyday Neuro Linguistic Programming

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