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About Us

Károly Bus demonstrating MASUKO

MASUKO had been developed in Hungary some 20 years ago by Károly Bus and has been patented by 2017. Plastic waste problems has been aggregated worldwide and this made MASUKO the most important development in concrete technology as of today.

We keep testing and researching new mixes of solid waste materials with MASUKO patent so that we can solve problems for more and more territories and countries.

MASUKO was 2nd runner-up for OZONE GREEN AWARD in 2018.

MASUKO was finalist in Seoul Impact Collective program in 2020 for change makers around the world.

MASUKO ASEAN has been started by PT. Daya Radar Utama company (ID) to develop Eastern markets and solve existing waste management cycle problems. Our primary markets are G2G, since both waste management and high value construction developments are controlled by governments. Our secondary markets are B2B for office and home developments.

Our pilot project is located in Bali, Indonesia.

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