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Rent a mobile Internet device to share

To get reliable Internet as a tourist means trouble:

  • Your carrier may charge insane prices per kB

  • They usually have your phone SIM locked so that no other SIM card may work in your device

  • Free WiFi hotspots are crowded in hotels and bars

  • In Bali landline Internet is usually just not working well

  • Often you experience electricity outages, when routers stop working

  • When you are on the go, there seems to be no free service anywhere

  • You may want to have backup Internet access


Do not waste your holiday on WiFi hunting!

Providing a Number 1 Service

We deliver the solution to your doorstep.

Fast Performance

We deliver the device to your hotel room and you an drop it off when you leave.

Online Support

Contact us anytime if you have questions.

Top Security

You will have access to the Internet when landlines fail.

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

You rent a Mobile Wifi device

We provide our services through fast 4G mobile networks.

They usually have separate power sources, if community power goes out, they still can provide Internet access.

Rechargeable batteries may last up to 24h.

They work around most of Bali island.

(coverage depends on carrier)

No limit on your SIM card, saves your battery life.

You can even use your own SIM card and pay less.

You share Internet with family and friends

If you just buy a local SIM card, to use it, you have to change your own SIM with the local Simpati card back and forth. It makes little sense. Also, if you share that with family, your phone battery will be dead before noon.

Use our devices to solve all this in one go. Share it with up to 6 friends or family members around you. Give it to your kids and keep your own phone with you.


Best Prices

You can rent our devices by day, week or month.

ASK FOR A QUOTE NOW in e-mail, with hotel/location name:

or PAY NOW by PayPal (1wk 8GB, 17 EUR):

or else Click here to call,

or Click here to WhatsApp,

with your questions, now!

less IDR 100k with your own SIM card*,

add IDR 200k for extra week,

add IDR 100k for extra 8GB

*only for weekly or monthly rental


What People are Saying

Many customers find it as an upgrade of their experience in Bali.

“Bali is beautiful with a non-European Internet service quality, BaliWifi saved the day.”

“I'm a professional translator. I cannot be late with my jobs. BaliWifi provides security if all else fails.”

“Kids loved it. And I loved that they stopped sitting in restaurants for hours instead of going to the beach.”

Joan Marks

Raymond Souza

Maggie Stalk


Be in Touch

We want to hear from you!

Tel: +62 812 56770091 | E-mail:

5 Pondok Gaya, Sanur, Bali

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BaliWifi provides professional shared mobile Internet services across Bali on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Feel free to test it.

+62 812 56770091



5 Pondok Gaya

Sanur, Bali

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